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Angelika Flegler 

Virtual Assistant & Project Manager

Are you up the neck in work?

I am a highly professional Virtual Assistant and Project 

Manager and would like to offer you support in order that you

 may concentrate fully on your main business role. 

Writing content or emails, scheduling meetings, projects...?

Simply outsource everything to me - to see clear again. 

Let's work 

Trust is the basis for any
business relationship.

Contact me for a personal 
+49 177-47 20 230 

Too much work to do? 

There are many things that slow down the effective workflow in a company.
Take the path of least resistance and simply outsource your projects.

I will help you out of tricky situations and reliably carry out short or long-term tasks, as long as you need support - flexibility applies here on both sides!

I can help eliminate personnel bottlenecks. 

Book me as your Virtual Assistant! 

I might be your solution.

How exactly may I help you?

I gained three years of professional experience in marketing / promotion and twelve years as sales support and roadshow manager in the area of organization and coordination in brokerage houses (at banks).

Structured and coordinated work is one of the talents that I have perfected over the years.

I support you in planning projects, organising business meetings, writing emails, website content or coordinating and conducting seminars and conferences.

Book me for a project or task that you are able to delegate. 
Use your time more effectively by outsourcing work! 

Your cost savings 

What does my remote-work mean for you and your company?

You will have significant benefits from working with me as a Freelance Virtual Assistant.
That would be among others:

no employment risks
no social security contributions
no vacation pay
no expenses for workspace
no work and dismissal protection

The simple and perfect solution
for you / your company!

My range of services

Project- oder eventmanagement

Planning, implementation and support of

  • Conferences 
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions 
  • Speeches 
  • Business Meetings

Personal assistance

  • Email- and phone correspondence
  • Appointment coordination
  • Telephone customer service

Travel management

  • Travel arrangements and planning
  • Flight- and trainbookings
  • Scheduling of customer appointments 

Digital media

Text creation by

  • Business emails
  • Marketing mailings
  • Newsletter 
  • Marketing content online
  • Articles of trade journals 
  • Business invitations
  • Translation from English -> German

Offline marketing 

  • Business greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • Coordination of advertising and print items


  • Administrative support
  • Presentation creation 


  • Results-oriented research on the Internet

Further ideas?

  • Are there any other tasks you have to deal with? 

Just contact me. 

You can rely on me!

I am a naturally motivated person, one who thinks ahead and works according to plan. My empathy and intuition with regard to others facilitate smooth workflow with clients and suppliers.

Many years, I was part of a 6-person team organising one of the largest investors conference in Europe, the German Corporate Conference in Frankfurt. I also organisationally supervised smaller conferences. As a result, I have come into contact with board members and high-ranking investors, either through email correspondence or at one of the usual dinner during those multi-day-conferences.

A great wealth of experience that has enriched me on many levels, as well as years of work in an international environment.

The associated administrative work and various marketing activities were also part of my area of ​​responsibility, such as project-, conference- and roadshow management or the scheduling of meetings at C-level management (CFO, CEO, CIO, etc.) via the corresponding investor relations departments . Many of them for large companies that are represented on the German stock market.

My ability to adapt quickly to new topics and technical media or systems (e.g. CRM databases, website creation, etc.) make me a highly qualified, bookable Project Manager or Virtual Assistant. I have an excellent sense of language (spoken and written), speak 3 different languages ​​(German, English, Spanish) and have excellent communication skills.

I bring your next project into the home straight - results-oriented and trustworthy!

What do...

What do... 

...others say who have worked with me?

funnellab GmbH

Marvin Schulz und Matthias Niemeck 

„Als Startup- und Performance-Marketing-Agentur haben wir eine Vielzahl an Kunden, denen wir unsere Dienste bei der Vermarktung im World-Wide-Web anbieten. Geli unterstützt uns dabei regelmäßig mit Content für Social-Media Werbeanzeigen, Stellenausschreibungen oder auch für Zeitschriftenartikel und einem E-Book. Verlässlich liefert sie dabei großartige Arbeit im zeitlich perfekten Rahmen. Danke und gerne wieder.“ 

As a startup and performance marketing agency, we have a large number of customers to whom we offer our services for marketing on the World Wide Web. Geli supports us regularly with content for social media advertisements, job ads or for magazine articles as well as an e-book. She reliably delivers great work in a perfect timeframe. Thank you and gladly again.

Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, Kepler Cheuvreux, M.M.Warburg (jetzt Founder von Seat11a.com)

Sanjay Oberoi

„Im Zuge von über 12 Jahren Zusammenarbeit, angefangen bei Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux über Kepler Cheuvreux und M.M.Warburg, habe ich Geli als hochgradig zuverlässigen und verantwortungsbewussten Menschen kennengelernt. Ihre Aufgaben hat sie mit einer wachen Auffassungsgabe, Schnelligkeit, einer durchdachten Organisationsstruktur und einem präzisen Blick für das Detail, durchgeführt. Aufgrund Ihrer natürlichen Fröhlichkeit, ausgeprägten Eigeninitiative und Motivation war ihr keine Aufgabe zu komplex. Mit dieser Einstellung und ihrem kreativen Denken, konnte sie immer die entsprechenden Lösungswege finden und diese hervorragend meistern. Danke für die immer produktive und langjährige Zusammenarbeit.“ (LinkedIn

In the course of more than 12 years of working relationship, starting with Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, through Kepler Cheuvreux and M.M.Warburg, I got to know Geli as a highly reliable and responsible person. She carried out her tasks with a vigilant perception, speed of work, thoughtful organisational structure and a precise eye for detail. Due to her natural happiness, strong initiative and motivation, no task was too complex for her. With this attitude and her creative thinking, she was always able to find the appropriate solutions and master them excellently. Thank you for the long and productive collaboration. (LinkedIn)

Yvonne Plaster Herzenszeit

Yvonne Plaster

„Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Geli bedanken, die mir bei dem Aufbau meiner Homepage geholfen und mich damit in meine Selbstständigkeit begleitet hat. Mit tollen Ratschlägen, Texten und einem harmonischen Bild- und Seitenaufbau (auf Jimdo.de) hat meine Homepage nun genau das, was ich mit meinem Business vermitteln möchte.“

Yvonne Plaster
"I would like to say a big thank you to Geli, who helped me build my homepage and thus accompanied me into my self-employment. With great advice, texts and a harmonious image and page design (on Jimdo.de), my homepage now has exactly what I want to convey with my business."

3Pack Consulting

Bernhard Widmer

„Die Kommunikation mit Frau Flegler ist ausgezeichnet. Trotz meinen sehr spezifischen Anforderungen und einem Fachgebiet dass für Laien äusserst schwer verständlich ist, hat Sie eine exzellente Arbeit (Website-Texte, Case-Studies, Email-Anschreiben) geliefert. Ich würde Frau Flegler jederzeit weiterempfehlen.“

Bernhard Widmer
"The communication with Ms. Flegler is excellent. Despite my very specific requirements and a subject area that is extremely difficult for lay people to understand, she delivered excellent work (website texts, case studies, email cover letter). I would recommend Ms. Flegler at any time."

Former companies - overview

Company overview

Here you will find an overview of my professional background at the companies I have worked for about 15 years. On request, I am happy to send you further references. 

My previous work stations - chronologically

M.M.Warburg & CO (Frankfurt)

Sales Support

  • Support of the department of Equities/Institutional Sales

  • Organisation und coordination of marketing activities such as company roadshows, investor field trips, business meetings and marketing trips as well as conferences in Hamburg and Berlin - from the Frankfurt branch

  • Promotion and granting of limited power of attorney

Kepler Cheuvreux (Frankfurt, Paris)

Sales Support

  • In 2013 Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux was acquired by Kepler Capital Markets and merged into Kepler Cheuvreux

  • Continuation of my work as Sales Support and Corporate Access Manager

Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux S.A. (Frankfurt, Paris, Zürich)

Sales Support

  • Sales Support and Corporate Access Management

  • Part of a team organising several different types of events including company roadshows, investor field trips, business meetings and marketing trips 

  • Organisation and coordination of conferences in Germany, France and Switzerland

Amadeus Fire (Frankfurt)

  • Entry through Amadeus Fire into Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux S.A., a Pan-European brokerage house (part of the Crédit Agricole Group in Frankfurt)

EMS European Marketing Specialists Ltd. (London)

Project Manager

  • Project Manager in the market research company EMS in the export sector

  • Conducting and organising personnel promotions

  • Organisation and support of trade fairs

  • Supporting the Managing Director, office management

  • Clients: Jordans, Tetley i. a.

pro concept marketing GmbH & Co. KG (Frankfurt) 

– a company of momentum worldwide und Mitglied der McCann Worldgroup

Junior Account Executive / Junior Account Manager

  • Active in the field of sales promotion

  • Cooperation- and personnel promotions

  • Overall handling of complex POS-Promotions

  • Clients: Unilever, DIAGEO, Wrigley i. a.

Prices & FAQs

Find out more about my price breakdown here.
The more hours you book, the better it will be for you. 



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65 euros/hour net. 
It is going to be less, the more hours you book.

Some calculation examples:
For a booking of 8 hours it is 57 €/h.
For a booking of 70 hours it is 52 €/h.
For a booking of 160 hours it is 49 €/h. This is the minimum hourly rate.
I will certainly send you the exact price scale on request.

Partial payment in advance

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As a self-employed freelancer, I ask for your understanding that I will settle part of the booking amount as a deposit when starting the work. If we know each other from a business relationship in the past, I am going to built on trust and glad to forgo it. 

Time tracking

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I automatically provide time recording and the corresponding documentation of my work steps.


Sensitive data

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In order to protect sensitive data, both parties sign a contract for freelance work including a confidentiality agreement before work begins.


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I am happy to receive an exact briefing with a detailed task definition so that I can work as most effectively as possible.

A contact person to address any queries would also be great.


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Should I be contracted with a conference, I am happy to be there on site during the conference days. The resulting costs for flight, hotel etc. will be added after consultation.
The same applies for the normal German statutory expense rate, in case there will be no food supply during the events. 

It goes without further saying that those costs occur always by prior arrangement and consultation.

Let's work 

Trust is the basis for any
business relationship.

Contact me for a personal 
+49 177-47 20 230 

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